A world without music is hard to imagine for me. Music can be both recreation and inspiration for me. That's true both for listening to the music or actively playing the piano, keyboard or sometimes the guitar.

Talking about making music myself. I learned to play the piano in my early youth and in the course of time I other instruments in the course of time. Now I prefer to play my grand piano piano or I make music with my looper: electric piano, keyboard, flute and saxophone. and saxophone, oh yes, and a little bit of guitar. You can hear what it sounds like on YouTube: Bernd Klein-Videos.

There you will also find - in my opinion - an interesting composition for solo cello and string orchestra with the title Out of the Mud. Also a composition for piano, cello and two flutes entitled Light Waves or a composition for piano, alto saxophone, oboe and drums entitled Winding Paths. Also a piece Days like this for string orchestra, trumpets and cornets.
You can also listen to my (Bernd Klein) music on all the streaming services like

So, let me introduce my favorite musicians.
Beginning of the " Evil prince aria" by Frank Zappa

The 'torchum' never stops, Evil prince aria, 5:31 till 5:51. Transcr. KS.,

Frank Zappa (1940-1993) is an exceptional musician, who can't be categorized in an easy way. His works, which comprise pop, rock, jazz and what is sometimes referred to as "serious music", are proving his outstanding creativity. The Times wrote about Frank Zappa in their obituary on the 7th of December 1993: "An obstreperous and delightfully barking mad spirit, Frank Zappa was one of rock music's innovatory forces. But, though a talented musician, his penchant for bizarre humour and his gift of waspish satire were a combined insurance policy against his taking either himself or the rock ethos too seriously"
Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end.
Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971)

Igor Stravisnky is a composer who showed extreme vitality and versatility in his works. Glass said that Stravinsky is the most influential composer of the 20th century and a "theater composer par excellence."

First bars of Stravinskys Piano Rag
Now I want to introduce my favorite jazz musician: Miles Davis
He was one of those musicians who stayed young with their musical ideas and concepts. He never got stuck into a fixed style: His works show a continuous development. His Human Nature is a marvelous example of the innovative style of his last years. If you listen carefully to this recording, you might even hear me clap my hands, as I was attending this great open air concert of Miles Davis. It was the hightlight of the Hohentwiel festival in Singen in 1990.

Musicians missing here: Philip Glass, Tori Amos, Nils Petter Molvaer, Eric Satie and many others :-)

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